We are able to offer data collection in all the major software packages including FocusVision (Decipher), ASKIA, Confirm-it and Kinesis. In addition, we are also able to draw on our bespoke scripting software. All surveys are designed using the latest technology to enhance the user experience. By optimising the online structure of the survey we can create virtually any visual elements needed whilst ensuring a clear flowing survey for the respondent.

We offer the standard types of surveys along with conjoint analysis, brand evaluation, complex programming, dial research, 3D pack rotation along with a number of other options. In addition, all our surveys can be taken on tablet and mobile devices.

We also offer a full range of market research data processing services including tabulation, data cleaning, data merging, dataconversion along with automated PowerPoint charting.

We can handle pretty much any type of input data, including ascii, column binary, Quantum, Triple S, SPSS, Excel, Access, and SQL.

Data Tables can also be offered in Adobe Acrobat, Winyaps, Excel, Word, HTML, and of course paper.

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