We offer the ability for clients to create an online panel or community of their own. This can be used to run various different types of research amongst this profiled audience. The panel or community can be completely customised and can be designed to look and feel exactly the same as the rest of your branding.

We believe that by building your own panel or community, you are better positioned to engage with your customers in a way that has previously not been possible. Effectively, you have a research tap that you can turn on at any time.

This can be used for a number of purposes including Ad. Testing, improving customer services right through to acting as a general soundboard for new ideas. It is a great medium on which to engage with your customers or simply soundboard new ideas. It’s a place where research and marketing are truly brought together.

We will work with you on all phases of building the panel / community including:

  • Design – Keep your current brand identity for panel interface/ community/ email correspondence
  • Recruitment – Utilising your own customer lists or recruit directly from our own sources
  • Consultancy – Assist with research design / reporting and analysis
  • Panel / Community management – communication with members, profiling, incentives project management and customer services
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